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1 in 4 checked show outstanding finance still owed

1 in 14 showed significant mileage discrepancies

1 in 3 checked show some form of hidden history

1 in 8 vehicles checked have been written off

A vehicle is stolen every 4 minutes in the UK

only 1 in 4 vehicles stolen are recovered

Van's are a big target for vehicle thieves, with the Ford Transit topping the list, so don't take a chance!

data available to check about a used van.

The Van History Check will tell you...

* If a finance agreement is recorded(oustanding finance check)

* If it has been written-off

* If it is currently recorded as stolen

* If a vehicle is being traced by a third party and is at risk of fraud or theft

* A full description including the make, model, colour, date of first registration, engine size and number, transmission and number of gears, body style, year of manufacture.

* How many keepers the van has had prior to the current keeper.

* If it has had any colour changes.

* If it has had any registration plate changes.

* If it has been used and imported from outside the EU.

* If it has been exported.

* If the DVLA have it recorded as Scrapped.

* Mileage information - has it been clocked? (Not available for all vehicles)

* CO2 Emissions

* Vehicle excise duty band and cost of 12 months tax

* Confirmation of the VIN before you buy

* £30,000 data insurance

You can buy one Van History Check for £19.99 or *multi check gives 3 van checks for £29.97

Click the button and enter the van's registration number - get the check results online instantly

*multi check discount - gives you 60 days to perform all 5 checks

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